Christmas Season

We do Christmas Really…..Well!

At Plantation our favourite season is Christmas. Nobody displays and sells Christmas trees like we do! We carry an incredible number of freshly cut 100% Canadian grown sustainably harvested Christmas trees ranging from 2 to 14 feet tall. Our Speciality is Fraser Fir and we are known for our quality and service. Every tree leaves the lot with with a fresh cut on the bottom to ensure freshness. Trees arrive every year at the end of November so don’t wait until the last minute, get them when the selection is best.

Gift Cards are available. Ask us for details today.

We stock at Christmas…

  • Fresh cut trees 3 to 12 feet tall – Larger trees are a special order
  • Fraser Fir – Best tree for needle retention
  • Balsam Fir – Very fragrant
  • Douglas Fir- Affordable natural shape
  • Fresh Greenery – Boughs – 10+ Varieties
  • Fresh Wreaths
  • Fresh Garland
  • Ornaments and Decor
  • Cinco “Never Fail” tree stands


The plant material you have purchased has been grown by reputable growers and sold with confidence. We offer quality in everything we sell.


We water and fertilize our plants regularly and care for them exceptionally well. We work hard to ensure that each plant is healthy, flourishing and ready for planting.


We are committed to providing outstanding support and customer service. You will always find someone nearby to anwser any questions or offer advice. We are knowledgeable and passionate about gardening and we are here to help.